Our Tackle Range

Our tackle range includes all the tools to fish available at our vending machines. This includes a variety of hook sizes, jigs, fishing lines, sinkers, swivels and lures all carefully selected to meet your fishing needs and "Change the Way You Fish".

BaitNGo has changed the face of recreational fishing in Australia forever. Our exclusive quality bait range is complimented by our premium designed fishing tackle range, available from our conveniently located, 24 hour Bait & Tackle Vending Machines – a virtual 24 hour Fishing Tackle Store!

BaitNGo is a one stop solution for all your fishing requirements. Whether its quality bait your after or our premium tackle range we have all that you need to set out on the water to get your ‘catch of the day’.

Our 24 hour vending ‘Fishing Tackle Store’ has a diverse range of tackle, including Swivels and Jigs, to Hooks and Soft lures. You can locate our 24 hour bait & tackle vending machines for all your Fishing Tackle needs in QLD as well as Sydney & NSW Coastal sites. Convenience is our prime consideration.

You can explore our wide range of available Tackle products, listed and categorised below.