BaitNGo has changed the face of recreational fishing in Australia forever. BaitNGo is today recognised as the market leader, offering quality-tested, innovative fishing products, introduced through our Australia first, 24 hour bait & tackle vending machines, including the world’s first outdoor dual zone (frozen & refrigerated) bait vending machine. We have a team of experts and professionals who are dedicated to offer quality-tested products and industry first vending machines and other fishing products.

Our exclusive quality bait range is complimented by our premium designed fishing tackle range, available from our conveniently located, 24 hour Bait & Tackle Vending Machines – a virtual 24 hour Fishing Tackle Store!

Our exclusive 24 hour Bait & Tackle Vending machines are now available as virtual ‘one stop Bait Tackle Shops in VIC’, servicing our Victorian customers. Our fishing products are based on the latest technology and are quality tested to accommodate all climatic conditions. You can select from our vast tackle range collection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our tackle range includes Blades, Swivels, Jigs, Sinkers, Sinker Sliders, Glow Sticks, and much more.

Our exclusive range is also offered on line and we ship all products in sturdy packaging and parcels to avoid any kind damage or destruction to the product while delivering it to the doorstep.

You can explore our wide range of available Tackle products, listed and categorised below.

Other tables:

Best Bait by Fish          Best Tackle by Fish
Tackle Details Types of Baits
Types of Tackle Water Type (Fresh/Salt) Tackle PIX Live Glo Worms NSW River Prawns NSW Pilchards IQF Squid Nitro Squid Pippis
Hooks Size 1# Freshwater / Saltwater
Hooks Size 2# Freshwater / Saltwater
Hooks Size 1/0 Freshwater / Saltwater
Hooks Size 2/0 Freshwater / Saltwater
Hooks Size 3/0 Freshwater / Saltwater
Hooks Size 4/0 Freshwater / Saltwater
Hooks Size 5/0 Freshwater / Saltwater
SWIVELS- 25Kg Freshwater / Saltwater
SWIVELS - 13.5KG Freshwater / Saltwater
SWIVELS - 4KG Freshwater / Saltwater
JIG - LIVE BAIT Freshwater / Saltwater
SINKER SLIDERS - 4# Freshwater/saltwater
SINKER SLIDERS - 6# Freshwater / Saltwater
SINKERS - 18GMS Freshwater / Saltwater
SINKERS - 30GMS Freshwater / Saltwater
SINKERS - 45GMS Freshwater / Saltwater
SINKERS - 80GMS Freshwater / Saltwater
GLOW STICKS (A) Freshwater / Saltwater
GLOW STICKS (B) Freshwater / Saltwater